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Winter Mountaineering in Scotland

On Saturday just passed I took a trip to climb some Munros in the Scottish Highlands. The trip itself is documented over at my hillwalking blog, so if you are interested in the details of the walk and the hills we climbed you can head over there, but here I’ll discuss some of the photographic aspects of the trip.

I took two lenses with me – my steadfast Sigma 10-20mm, and my Canon kit lens. The kit lens stayed in my bag all day. This kind of wonderful landscape deserves to be shown WIDE and in all it’s glory. The weather was windy, which made for some interesting shots of the powdery snow being blown around over the hard-packed stuff. At one point I lay down on the snow to get a good low shot and ripped my trouser leg with a crampon spike. Normally, I’d be fine about such things, but I was a little worried with the severe windchill blowing directly into my leg. I had nothing to worry about – we changed direction shortly after. You can see those as Mountaineer 1,2 and 3 in the gallery below.

I had a vision of a photo in my head as well; one which I tried to create several times with my friend. I wanted a leg with a cramponned foot and the head of the ice axe in the shot, with the implication it’s being held in readiness. In reality, one would never hold an ice axe like this, it’s just downright dangerous, but for the photographic effect, I think it worked out. It may have worked better with a slightly longer lens and being further back from the leg, but perhaps I’ll try that next time.

Let me know what you think – and thanks to everyone for their kind comments on the blog, it’s really very encouraging!

Keep Looking,


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2 thoughts on “Winter Mountaineering in Scotland

  1. You’re a trooper, climbing hills in such weather as you do, but it seems to have paid off! I admire the axe shot, I think it’s a rather original idea, but of course, I’m no expert – just enjoying your work as an ordinary reader. Keep it coming!

  2. Karen McGinniss on said:

    Hi Ross!

    I’m not on Facebook anymore (haven’t been for a while now). How are you? I’m mid-decorating at the moment and looking for some of your awesome pics for my spare room.

    Do you still have my number?

    Karen 🙂

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