Scottish Dream Photography
Cruachan, Condemned

Cruachan, Condemned

The high flats near my home in Glasgow are slowly being demolished to make way for new and better social housing.  Over the last few weeks, they’ve been slowly demolishing one tower block, Cairngorm, and preparing the next one, Cruachan.

Over the Christmas holidays, progress has halted and Cruachan has been left to the rain, wind and the pigeons.

There was a break in the bad weather today with some nice wispy clouds heading from South to North so I went out with the intention of getting some shots of the front of the block in the sun with some long-exposure streaky clouds passing over. However, as always happens, I got something completely different. I used some long exposure presets I had for processing  and maintaining a consistent visual theme.

Hope you like them!

Keep Looking, and all the best for 2014,


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5 thoughts on “Cruachan, Condemned

  1. All the best for you too!
    Happy New Year!

  2. I enjoy your photos a lot, but – will there be more soon? There are very few pictures so far even when one clicks the “buy” button. So this comment is just to let you know that there’s a Scotland lover who is interested in seeing more by you…

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