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The Scottish Nature Photography Awards

Last year, I caught an article about the Scottish Nature Photography Awards. I remember thinking that the standard was very high and also noticed that they had a landscape category. At the time, I bookmarked the link to the site, with the intention of looking further into it when the judging opened for this year. Well, the time has come and I’ve decided to enter some pictures this year.

There are a few reasons I think this is a good time for me to do this, but primarily it’s about getting myself some more exposure. Over the last few months, I’ve been promoting myself on a few different channels, and getting some traction, but I’m still not getting sales from outwith my circle of friends and family (that’s a massive hint for you, reader to click the Buy link at the top left, but keep reading for now).

I’m not suggesting I can win or even get noted in a competition such as this, but I’m hoping to get some feedback from the judges that might help me improve my photography.

The challenge was picking my six favourite landscapes, but rather than cast my net too far back in time, I’ve gone for six photos that I’ve taken over this past year. I feel that this is a cross-section of where I am now, and this might help give me some direction for the future.

I’m looking at other competitions too, but a lot of the ones I’m seeing are created by commercial companies looking to get free content so they don’t have to pay licensing on photos. The Scottish Nature Photography Awards has an entry fee, which I see as a good thing – it means both parties are serious and they are not trying to pilfer the licence to your photos!

Have any of you entered this competition before, or can you suggest others that might be worth a look?

Here are the photos I’ve decided to enter:

Keep Looking,



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