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Is your Commute your Best Source of Inspiration?

I think so, and here’s why:

To get the best photos you need to know a place inside out. You need to see it in all the lights you can and at different times of day. A lot of people dream of living near a beach so that they can get used to the landscape and see it changing it’s moods and then get the really great photographs. Not all of us have that option in terms of money or time, but if you work for a living, you might have that right under your nose and not even know it.

You see, as you travel back and forth from your office, the seasons shift, you start leaving and arriving in the dark as Winter sets in, when Spring comes you’ll maybe get some sunrises and sunsets. They key thing is making time. I find myself getting up maybe 30 minutes earlier once a week in Winter to head into work with the camera; sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn’t.

Perhaps it’s worth staying on at work a bit or leaving a bit earlier. At least that way, you are forcing yourself to have the time. If you are in a hurry, you won’t take the time to compose, so if you have that attitude, best to leave it at the door.

Here’s a gallery of some of my best commuting shots – a mixture of SLR and mobile:

Keep Looking,


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