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Uninspired? Stop using your camera!

It may sound counter-intuitive, but as I’ve found over the last few weeks, putting the camera down and thinking more about shooting can actually generate more ideas.

Sometimes, you’ll be out and about and you’ll think “argh, I wish I’d brought the camera”, and you’ll kick yourself. But deep down inside, do you know you could make a good job of that shot? Go home, think about it again and you might come up with an idea that you didn’t have before.

Another advantage of leaving the camera at home is that you start to think what you might do next with your camera. Pre-visualise some ideas, sketch them out on paper. Rather than organise time in your diary or calendar for shooting, why not come up with some ideas, then when the light is right, cancel what you’re doing and go and turn your visualisations into incredible photographs. Now you’re not just taking photos, your making them!

You can be instinctive too when you don’t have your SLR with you all the time. Your mobile is fast-becoming a brilliant camera, and if you can harness both the power of shooting and on-camera edits, then you can come up with some tremendous photos. They may not be worthy of prints, but you might just find that visualisation in your mobile shots that could turn into your next masterpiece when you’ve got the SLR back in your skillful hands!

Here’s a little gallery of my recent mobile work – all shot on iPhone and edited with VSCO Cam.

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