Scottish Dream Photography

Mountain Landscapes in Glen Nevis

Landscape photography is often about patience and effort, and a fortnight ago, my patience finally paid off and I put in plenty of effort.

It’s a rare day that I get onto the Munros and it’s actually sunny – in fact, the last time that happened was apparently July 2008, so if that’s not a long wait, I don’t know what is. Climbing two munros over 19km is also a fair amount of effort so I think that covers me on that front too.

When we left Glasgow, the weather was stunning, but as we drove northwards, the sky was clouding over and by the time we had walked to our campsite, it was pretty grey.

I knew that weight was going to be an issue, so I decided to limit myself to two lenses and my tripod – with the tripod staying in the tent while I was on the hill. That meant that it if it were a grey day, I could switch to a faster lens.

I took my Sigma 10-20mm and my 50mm f1.8. It turned out that my contingency plan wasn’t needed – the day on the hill was sunny and bright; meaning I could shoot hand-held and not worry about blur.

The tripod also came in handy once it got dark – I was able to leave the light on in the tent and take a long exposure, while metering for the brightest spot of the tent. It produced a nice bright image of the tent with the mountains in silhouette.

After getting home and processing, I found I had some great landscapes. I’ve often found that cropping to a cinematic aspect ratio, 2.35:1 makes my 10mm wide-angle shots look even wider. It’s a simple but very effective trick, however it works best on a large monitor and not on a mobile phone.

It’s important to point out that nature did most of the work here – processing was minimal, with no vignette, but some darkening of the sky.

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t forget your remote for longer exposures
  • When it’s really sunny like that, use the lens hood to avoid glare
  • Good boots make all the difference! (Scarpa Delta Ranger GTX if you must know!)

Keep Looking,


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