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An Evening’s Hillwalk on Beinn Dubh, Luss

A couple of weeks back on the day that Andy won Wimbledon, I took the opportunity to head out to the hills for a late-evening wander in an attempt to get some photos at Golden Hour. Summer is great in southern Scotland; it can stay light until 11pm and when it’s not raining, it can be actually quite warm.

I set out from the house about 7:30pm and made it to Luss about 30 minutes later. By 8:15pm I was striding up that hillside, through bracken and long grass in my new Scarpa boots.

I knew time was against me so I did my best not to stop too often, and press on up the hill. I made the summit about 9:15pm and for the first time caught a good glimpse of the sun. I had been climbing in shadow the whole time and it was a relief to be bathed in the golden sunlight with a slight breeze.

All in, I spent about 30 minutes on the top, snapping away and changing lenses. I took almost 100 pictures, but there are only 4 that I was really happy with.

Lessons learned are:

  • You can shoot landscapes with a 50mm lens
  • Always have the camera ready – missed an opportunity.
  • A very expensive, good quality mid to long lens would have been nice for the shot that got away and also for the layering of the landscapes

I horsed it back down in about 40 minutes and disturbed a single red deer, which bounded past me.

Keep Looking,


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