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Creating a sense of space

A Boat Trip – creating a sense of space

I’ve not long returned from a trip to Toronto, where I had some great opportunities to shoot loads of photos, in stark contrast to the Winter and Spring we’ve had in Scotland. I guess I’ve been saving it all up for a sunny day and during our visit we had plenty of those.

In advance of our trip, we’d booked a Groupon offer for a short trip around the Toronto islands on board the Kajama, a traditional three-masted Schooner. It’s a lovely old ship and it was a glorious, if windy day in the bay – perfect for being under sail. I decided at the time that I would try and create a sense of space with the photos, and I had packed only my 10-20mm wide angle and my ever-present 50mm f1.8.

The deck was packed with people, but I wanted to make sure that it didn’t look like a tourist trip; not that I’m lying, I just think the photos are more dramatic that way.

Toronto has a very distinctive skyline, thanks to the CN Tower, and as a newbie to the city I was fascinated by it. Using the wide angle lens and the bright sunlight I was able to push the depth of field to try and create some sharp and crisp images of the city with the rigging as the foreground. As it turned out, the 50mm set to f3.5 was also the perfect vehicle for my close shot of the rigging and the tower.

Despite the fact that it was a bright day, I was still able to use my on-camera flash to add some detail to the header image of this page. You can see the boom of the sail is slightly illuminated, even though I was shooting directly into the sun with a small aperture. It’s definitely a trick I’ll use again, and this is where a brighter flash would come in handy.

I’d love to know what you think and if you can see anywhere I could have improved.

Keep Shooting,


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